Alcohol Interlock Device Installation at Autlec Automotive

Here at Autlec Automotive, we are VicRoads authorised interlock device installers, and Guardian Breathalyser Interlock Service Agents, making us the perfect choice to install your interlock.

Based in Clayton North, we provide the installation, servicing and removal of alcohol interlock devices to vehicles, and have been doing so since the introduction of these devices to Victorian roads since 2003. We service clients from all over Melbourne and can provide a cost-effective alcohol interlock device installation.

How alcohol interlock devices work

Having an alcohol interlock device in your vehicle means that providing a passing (any reading below 0.02 BAC) breath sample is necessary before you are able to start the vehicle and drive. Additionally, the alcohol interlock device does ask for retests at random intervals during your journey on the road. A camera takes an image whenever a test is completed.

Upon installation, we only require your driver’s license number, as well as a copy of your Pension or Health Care Card (if applicable). The installation process includes comprehensive one- on- one training and instruction of what is involved in being on the VicRoads Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP). During the installation process, no damage whatsoever is done to your vehicle (no holes drilled, dashboard plastics modified, etc). Upon removal, your car returns to its original condition. All work is carried out professionally by qualified Auto Electricians.

We are the alcohol interlock installers you can rely on

Monthly servicing is another requirement, where all of the information regarding the activity and use of the alcohol interlock device is downloaded. This information is stored on a database that only VicRoads have access to, so monitoring of the participant’s progress on the program by the authorities occurs automatically. At servicing time, the monthly service fees are payable, and then your vehicle is set to drive for another month. A typical monthly service takes approximately ten minutes to complete. Our trading hours also include Saturday mornings for your convenience, and bookings for the monthly servicing are not required. Simply come in anytime we’re open, and we’ll conduct our service in the most timely and efficient manner. Give us a call today to discuss the cost of alcohol interlock devices and more.

We also have interlock devices available for private lease or purchase, including portable hand-held breathalysers. Fitment to trucks and motorcycles is also possible, late model European and hybrid petrol-electric vehicles are our specialty.

Over the years, we have seen a raft of changes in the industry, however there is one thing that hasn’t changed – our unwavering commitment to providing excellent customer service and support. We are here to assist you every step of the way, from installation to removal.

Speak with our team of alcohol interlock installers

Contact our team of friendly and professional interlock installers at Autlec Automotive today on 03 9547 2223 or book online for more information about the costs of alcohol interlock devices and our installation services for Melbourne and across Victoria.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the interlock only prevents you from starting the vehicle to begin with. Shutting down a vehicle whilst driving poses a serious safety risk to you and others around you on the road.

Yes, the same rules of operation of the interlock apply to anyone who wishes to drive your car.

No, so long as that person doesn’t move or obstruct the camera mounted on the windscreen. However, if there is a failed reading with no discernable image of anyone in the driver’s seat, this may count against you. The camera always captures an image with every test performed- pass or fail.

Yes, however we require the registered owner of the vehicle fill out and sign a vehicle installation authority form. This can also be done in the case of company vehicles being used by employees for work.

The retest times on the interlock device are random, and can be up to and including sixty minutes apart.

Certainly. We offer third party maintenance codes at your request directly to the repairer of your choice. This way, the interlock can be disabled whilst the vehicle is being worked on, then reactivated upon your car’s return to you.

Should power failure/ disconnection occur, the interlock will always give you seven days to return to your nearest service centre so that the early service request can be acted upon and cleared.

Upon completion of time, a participant can apply to VicRoads in order to have the ‘I’ condition removed from their licence. VicRoads can be contacted on 1300 723 790 or at



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